Okay, everybody knows that the main plot of Twelve Monkeys is taken from a short film from the ’60s called “La Jetee,” which is awesome.  But am I the only one to notice that the B plot (that is, the thing that actually ends up causing the apocalypse while everyone is distracted by Brad Pitt’s shenanigans) is lifted from the classic James Tiptree, Jr. story “The Last Flight of Dr. Ain”?  The screenwriters wrote Blade Runner, so presumably they know their New Wave science fiction.  Is this just me?  Am I the only person who cares this much about Twelve Monkeys?


…Oh, right, the X-File.  Excellent work making mites scary.  Mites are pretty scary in real life, too, but try using them for campfire stories.  “And then the hippies who put their urban homestead chicken coop too close to their gray-water recycling tank got typhus and had to burn everything they owned.  BOO!”  That doesn’t scare anybody except here in Berkeley, where the old-timers swap mite stories around the old Biofuel Oasis.

Scully freaks out a lot in this episode.  Still, mites.