The whole polka-dot-tie-over-striped-shirt-with-slicked-back-hair look is something you don’t see so much today, and you didn’t even see much in the ’90s.  The other agent dude in this episode is kind of a 1980s Gordon Gecko holdover.

Two things that happened a lot in the early episodes: someone from Mulder’s or Scully’s past getting involved in an X-File (thus creating Personal Interest), and Scully getting threatened by monsters so Mulder has to come rescue her.  The thing is, Scully looks capable of ramming her fist down the throat of just about any monster when sufficiently ticked off, whereas Mulder’s clearly going to do a girly scream if things get hairy.  In this case, though, Tooms coming out of the heating vent at Scully is frickin’ scary.  You remember the girl crawling out of the TV in The Ring?  It’s like that but speeded up.  Even Scully is going to lose it when that guy grabs her ankle.

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