Words with Pictures

My comics.


Selected Webcomics

Skin Horse
Somewhere in this great nation is a top-secret government agency dedicated to aiding America’s nonhuman citizenry, but on a very tight budget. Daily comic strip cowritten by Jeffrey Channing Wells and me, drawn by me. Currently ongoing.

Horror Every Day
Not strictly a comic, but I spent 2018 recommending the correct horror movie for each day of the year, with illustrations.

Monster of the Week
Episodes of The X-Files recapped in twelve-panel form.

Perils of the Lady Gamer
A surprisingly popular comic I drew in 2014.

Li’l Mell
Wee tiny children engaged in wee tiny adorable adventures. A semi-spinoff of Narbonic written by me and drawn by various artists.

Mad science in the workplace. Daily comic strip written and drawn by me.


Selected Print Comics

  • “The Princess Megathalon.” Short comic for Adventure Time, 2016 (writer).
  • “The Telling of Faults.” Short comic for Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Szhulz, 2015 (writer and artist).
  • “My Horrible Heroines.” Short comic for The Big Feminist But, 2014 (writer and artist).
  • “The Time I Wet Myself in Front of Scott McCloud.” Short comic for Cringe, 2014 (writer and artist).
  • “Piece of Cake.” Short comic for The Marvel Holiday Special, 2007 (writer).
  • “AIM Lang Syne.” Short comic for The Marvel Holiday Special, 2006 (writer).
  • “Moleman’s Christmas.” Short comic for The Marvel Holiday Special, 2005 (writer).